RCFG History

The Regional Computer Forensics Group was founded in June of 1998 by Detective Ken Haynes of the Fairfax County Police Department in an effort to create an information exchange between Law Enforcement agencies and to enhance training opportunities in the field of computer forensics. RCFG meets once a month and is attended by nearly every Law Enforcement agency in the Washington metropolitan area. The meetings are hosted by a different agency each month.

RCFG began with 15 participating agencies that began meeting to discuss the computer crime side of Law Enforcement. RCFG created a partnership with the private industry by teaming up with HTCIA. This allowed corporate members to provide and attend  training with Law Enforcement.

The first GMU Training was held in 1998 with the support of US Customs Internal Affairs Special Agent John Siether. This Training had 90 attendees and 25 of those attendees were from US Customs offices from around the Country.

RCFG has held training at GMU from 1998-2007 attracting attendees from more than 40 states and 25 different countries with peak attendance of over 700.